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Paying for writing per word is the only way to guarantee a healthy business relationship between both parties involved, as well as guaranteeing high-quality work.

New clients can get up to 50% discounts on their first project. Please enquire for details.

Freelance Writing Costs for UK Companies

Item: Online Articles (blog, web content, etc.)
Cost: between £0.10 – £0.40 / word
Alternate Pricing: between £100 and £300 per 1,000 – 1,500-word article, regardless of word count.
Deposit: Minimum 30 percent for new clients. Discussed on a per-client / per-project basis. (The longer we work together, the less need for deposits. It is in my interests to do a good job for you and leave you perfectly satisfied with the service.)

Description / FAQ:

  • More complex subjects tend to be pricier. Please enquire about your particular industry. As a writer of eight years’ experience, I have a lot of “general knowledge” on many subjects so please don’t assume your subject is “overly complex” before asking.
  • The articles will be published in your name, for your blog i.e. they will be “ghostwritten” articles.
  • Pricing is either per word or per article, regardless of word count, whatever you prefer. A word count will be agreed to before commencing.
  • Buying in bulk = better pricing (e.g. buying 10 articles to be delivered in X amount of time).
  • Between one and three royalty-free images are included as part of the price. More images = more expensive as finding images takes time. If you provide the images, I can add them into the article for you.
  • I recommend articles of 1,000 to 1,500 words for better chances with the search engines. Definitely no articles less than 600 words. You’re only shooting yourself in the foot if you do that.
  • Please don’t try negotiate to less than £0.10 / word. That price is ridiculously low for professional writing of high quality.  I will not take on the project. You’re welcome to visit the slave labor sites like Fiverr and Upwork if that’s the kind of work you’re looking for. I’m not.
  • We can sign an NDA if you wish. No problem. Although prices tend to be higher when those are involved as I will not be able to promote my work with you, which makes building a portfolio more difficult.
  • I’m looking to build business relationships. Contact me if you have any questions. I’m happy to discuss with no obligation to you.

Prices for Website Pages Content (e.g. “About Us” pages)

Item: Online Articles (blog, web content, etc.)
Cost:between £0.10 and £0.50 / word, minimum £100 per page
Deposit: Minimum 30 percent for new clients. Discussed on a per-client / per-project basis.

Ghostwriting Costs for UK Companies

Please note that by ghostwriting I am referring to ghostwriting a novel or a memoir or a brand book for your business. If you want an article for your website, please see above under “Freelance Writing.”

Item: Ghostwritten Non-Fiction Novel
Cost: between £0.50 – £1.00 / word plus agreed-upon number of hours per month for meetings, interviews, and research, charged at between £70 – £100 per hour. (Usually this is 10 to 20 hours a month for three or four months)
Deposit: Negotiated on a per-client / per-project basis.

Item: Ghostwritten Fiction Novel
Cost: between £0.20 – £0.70 / word. No hourly fees.
Deposit: As above.

Description / FAQ:

  • See above FAQ for Freelance writing
  • Fiction is highly variable. It depends on the genre, the target market, the size of the book. (Longer books are harder to write — not so much because of the amount of words, but because maintaining interest is more difficult, more subplots are needed, etc.)
  • I have written extensively about ghostwriting skills needed, what happens during a non-fiction project, how certain companies will try swindle you with cheap prices which affect your project negatively, etc. You can read about it here and here.
  • Fiction novels have many different lengths. Readers of specific genres expect certain lengths. Romance can be anything from 10,000 words (not actually a novel, per se) to 80,000 words, but rarely goes higher than that. Epic fantasy rarely goes below 100,000 words. Young Adult as well. Mysteries and crime novels are generally about 80,000 words. “Drama” novels are also about 80,000 words. There are “expected” numbers for all novels.
  • Please don’t contact me if you wish to pay much lower prices than the amounts specified above. I will not take on your project.
  • The prices quoted are for writing only, not for marketing. After writing a book, it must be marketed. Please read the this and this for more information.
  • The price does not include a cover, although I can recommend several cover designers I know of or have worked with before.

Other Services

Online Video Scripts (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.):

Price: Between £15 – £150 / minute of video. Please contact me to discuss your project.

Social Media Posts:


  • Twitter: Between £1 and £20 a tweet, please contact me to discuss
  • Facebook: If the post is lengthy, same prices as for Freelance Writing above. Otherwise between £5 and £100 / post. Please contact me to discuss.
  • LinkedIn: If the post is lengthy, same prices as for Freelance Writing above. Otherwise between £5 and £100 / post. Please contact me to discuss.
  • Other Social Media: Please contact me to discuss.


And, all that being said, everything is negotiable. The above is really to dissuade anyone hoping to find ludicrously cheap, extortionist-style labor as found on Upwork and Fiverr when contacting me for work. If, however, you are interested in high-quality content, a mutually beneficial business relationship, and want to negotiate about the above prices, please go ahead and email or call me to discuss. I’m happy to negotiate about everything from the word count to the rate to the deposit, but not my shoes or the shirt on my back!